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Monday, January 10, 2011

The Westboro Baptist Tragedy

The Westboro Methodist Church consists out of basically one family and their only reason for existence seems to be to spew hatred, which is channeled to the whole family from the oldest member, Fred Phelps. Nobody seems to know where his anger comes from, but it has poisoned his whole family, children included.

Their message seems to be one of blind hatred and a deliberate misinterpretation of the Christian Bible in the same way Muslim Fundamentalists deliberately misinterpret the Koran. In the end it is about getting your own hateful and sick message across as "God's Will".

Lauren Phelps made the momentous decision a couple of years ago to leave the family even though she loves them, and was immediately disowned by her father and mother and her siblings were taught to hate her.

Unfortunately this "church" will probably continue poisoning its family and children until Fred gets rid of the hatred or until he is dead. Without the fountain of hatred he is there will be nothing to sustain those who are forced to feed off it. For the children's sake let's hope that happens.


Andrewdb said...

They claim to be Baptist actually, not Methodist. I doubt either one actually wants them.

Werner K said...

I corrected it. You are right though, who wants them?