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Sunday, March 06, 2011

Cycle for the Winning of the Battle

Pictured is the G6 Leopard of South Africa, the best artillery weapon in the world.

During the Bush War a very good South African mobile warfare tactician by the name of Col Roland de Vries coined the thinking behind the Cycle for the Winning of the Battle in his book "Mobiele Oorlogvoering: n Perspektief vir Suider-Afrika", Mobile Warfare: A perspective for Southern Africa.

In the phases of war there are many cycles such as the OODA cycle and the core functions of a commander, find, fix, strike. The Cycle for the winning of the battle ensures you win the battle if you could not avoid war in the first place:

- Dislocate the enemy: Ensure the enemy cannot operate with impunity or not at all and has just become a target for the infantry to mop up with armour.

- Create initiative and freedom of action: Ensure you can move and operate with freedom.

- Exploit the conditions created by the previous two points.

- Destroy the enemy: If the fight is now on equal terms you have a chance to lose the battle so ensure you have the initiative and have appreciated the remaining enemy centre of gravity correctly.

A good commander does not know these four points, but knows how to apply them by using which resources when and that comes with experience and reading many books on military issues.


Anonymous said...

Great book, I have a copy but my Afrikaans is not strong so I am plowing slowly through it. Wish tehre was an english translation besides the one I am doing as I go.


Werner K said...

There is a guy busy translating the book. I must still phone him.

Darren Olivier said...
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Darren Olivier said...

Any further news on that English translation?