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Saturday, April 30, 2011

The Cheetah 2 CSLV - South Africa's First Space Rocket

I was at the Rand Show today near Johannesburg today and found thousands of people at this very popular show. Most of the stalls were very interesting.

The most interesting for me was the model of the Cheetah 2 CSLV Rocket to be our first commercial space rocket to be launched from one of three launch pads left over from the Apartheid era in the Western Cape.

Kate Middleton - An International Princess

At a time when the world needs hope up steps a "commoner" who promises to be a great queen, not only to the UK, but maybe to the world. Common she is not and at university she was treated as less than worthy by the other upper class girls, a true Cinderella-and-her-nasty-stepsisters story. She has showed them who she truely is and has probably outshined them as well by becoming future queen of England.

I will be watching this woman with interest.