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Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Questions on the Israeli-Palestinian Issue

I used to be a Pro-Israel person. As far as I was concerned this country could do no wrong. It was surrounded by hostile neighbours and was constantly under rocket and suicide attack from those murderous Palestinian Terrorists. That was until a number of years ago when things that I could not quite understand finally came to a head when I watched a documentary entitled "Occupation 101", which is quite hard to find by the way. Why?

The following questions come to mind when I think about the Israeli-Palestinian issue and I decided to play devils advocate on the side of the Palestinians. Remember as well that I was Pro-Israel at one stage so I am not being biased as I have thoroughly supported the Israeli cause at one time:

1.) What are the differences between the Apartheid we had in my country and what is happening there right now?

2.) If there are no differences as questioned above we already know where all this will end because it has happened in South Africa. So why not just end it? What is the alternative?

3.) Why are the UN Resolutions regarding Israel and its policies ignored by countries like the US? United Nations General Assembly Resolution 3379 states that Zionism is a form of racism and racial discrimination". United Nations Security Council Resolution 242 states that Israel actually has had to withdraw from the occupied territories since 1967 already.

4.) How can a country like Israel be under threat from a territory like Palestine when Israel is supported by one of the strongest nations in the world? Last time I checked the Palestinians had no tanks, gunships, aircraft or artillery.

5.) Why does the US ignore footage of Palestinian children turning over bits of white phosphour in the streets? I saw the footage on Al Jazeera and as a soldier I know what WP is. As soon as it makes contact with air it burns again. That was definately WP and I have also seen the tell-tale signs of WP air-bursting over buildings. When WP explodes it sends out burning bits in all directions with smoke trails behind each brightly burning piece, but unlike smoke it does burn into the flesh of women and children. That was definately WP and even if it was not why is artillery or mortars firing into densely populated areas like one finds in Gaza? Artillery is what is known as an area weapon. It is not smart.

6.) Does Israel not have the power initiative in the peace process? If she has and peace is not forthcoming does it not imply Israel is not serious?

7.) Why is Israel still building settlements on the East Bank even though that is where Palestinians are living? No law in the world allows for people to be forcefully moved from their homes. I have actually seen a mother being dragged crying and screaming out of her kitchen while she was preparing food for her family on the stove. Moments later her house was bulldozed to make space for an Israeli House.

So, these are some of the questions I pose. Answer them or forever hold your peace. I do not support and Anti-Jewish sentiment or any other type of racism so if that is your take please do not waste my time by posting here.


Anonymous said...

The comparison of Israel to an "Apartheid state" is utterly wrong.

Israel sadly had to build a big, ugly separation wall (that I really hate to see from my home) to counter endless terrorism attacks (that peaked around 2001-2002 if I am correct), mostly on innocent civilian targets.

Hadn't Palestinian terrorist bombings been so common back in these days, no wall would have been built. Due to the consequences, I am glad that it has been built, since terrorist attacks are something that's rarely heard of since it was completed.

When the day comes, it will be tore down. When will that happen? I couldn't know.

Anonymous said...

I will add more to that.
1) "How can a country like Israel be under threat from a territory like Palestine when Israel is supported by one of the strongest nations in the world?"
-Israel is under threat mostly from guerrilla terrorist fighter. More to that, the Israeli security forces spend immense efforts on reducing Palestinian civilian casualties, which is not easy at all when human shielding is a popular counter tactic. No matter how much support and money IL would get, it would not change the situation. What you say sounds like "they have so much power, can't they just blow all their enemies up and not be threatened?"

2)Mistakes are consequences of every war. I am completely against the use of WP, though inquiries about it's clear use against civilian targets has been inconclusive. Officially, the IDF states it has used it as smoke screens during the '08-'09 operation Cast Lead.

3)Why is Israel still building settlements on the WEST (correction) bank even though that is where Palestinians are living?
-This is definitely Israel's biggest mistake realting to the peace process. A self-inflicted gun wound in it's leg. Many times units are built to satisfy the Israeli right wing after "leftist" agreements have been made towards the Palestinian authority, such as the freeing of Palestinian prisoners. Mostly happens due to saddening political reason.
BUT, lets stay in perspective. There is no comparing the building of housing on clearly occupied territory to the sending of rockets and suicide bombers towards civilian targets.

4)The bulldozering is a consequence of a Palestinian terrorist coming from that home (a form of deterrent). I do not have a solid opinion about that, yet even though a dead terrorist's home can be left undestroyed for his family, often they are supported by their homes, and this practice could deter terrorist. If you know about accounts of home being destroyed clearly for the purpose relocating Israeli settlers, please inform me so in the comments.

I will be really glad to correspond with you on the subject. As a non-native Israeli who is living the situation daily, I believe that my opinions are objective and would like to share them with anyone whom it may concern.