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Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Direct Democracy is the Only Way

There are no true democracies in the world as people in traditionally democratic countries only have the power to decide which political party is the less corrupt and some countries have the choice of only two political parties. True direct democracy is needed to allow people of a country to decide on the daily running of a country by means of regular online referendums. The decisions of the people should only be carried out as the people voted on them.

This system is possible with the growth of the internet and any proposed problems can be overcome. What we need is a world where the man and woman on the street has the ability to decide if proposed legislation or policy is necessary. With such a system where you and I can go to a computer, verify our identities and vote on whether the media should be limited in its powers or whether a country should be invaded will end decisions based on personal enrichment of corporations and officials.

Idiotic legislation and policies over which we do not have a real say will cease to be tabled, money will not disappear into the pockets of corrupt politicians as these politicians will not be necessary anymore. Why would need senators and ministers to represent us if we have the power? Imagine how much we would save on the costs of luxury cars and aircraft for these fat cats who are only elected on how popular they are in the first place. Money also goes where the power is and much of our poverty problems will be solved. The list of solutions to problems simply goes on and on.

With a system of Direct Democracy the power will truely be with the people, where it belongs. The word "Democracy" does after all mean "People Power", not "Representative Corruption".

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