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Monday, July 11, 2011

Gerson Therapy - A Cure for Cancer since 1928

After watching The Gerson Miracle and a couple of other documentaries I have come to the conclusion that the Gerson Therapy far outweighs anything modern medicine has to offer when it comes to any degenerative disease and even more.

Patient after patient has given testimony as to their complete healing from all types of cancers and many other degenerative types of diseases, including Multiple Schlerosis and Diabetes. After listening to happy people tell their stories I know what therapy I will be following.

The Therapy basically uses the natural nutritional power of fruits and vegetables after juiced for maximum absorption into the blood stream as well as organic coffee administered rectally. The link to "The Gerson Miracle" takes you to the documentary, which gives you the complete story and more details about this revolutionary therapy. Watch it; it may change your life.

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