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Monday, July 11, 2011

White Phosphourus used in Gaza

This photo during Operation Cast Lead shows White Phosphourus (WP) air-burst artillery being used in Gaza. On Al Jazeera I have also seen children turn the remainder of these over in the streets to see them burst into flame again, which is what WP does when it comes into contact with air.

WP leaves terrible bone-deep burns on people and should not be used in an area as densely populated as Gaza, especially with air-burst artillery, which burns a wide area indiscriminately like fire raining from the sky. Any responsible government who would not want to see women, children and even innocent men badly burned and who claims to want peace, would never use WP in this way.

This reminds me of the ousted South African Apartheid Regime, but on a much worse level.


Min said...

why are we doing this to ourselves. we have 1 life to live, 1 earth to live in.... we could do so much better.

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Werner K said...

Thanks for the compliments. You are right, Min.