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Monday, February 22, 2016

The "White People" vs "Black People" Delusion

Recently in South Africa the term "White People" has been thrown around a lot, usually in a very negative context. Sometimes the term "Black People" is thrown around the same way in this country. When one uses the term "White People" or "Black People" in any way, even in a positive context one is being racist either to the other race or by referring to one's own race in a positive way you are being racist in excluding the other race from your praise. Therefore simply using the term, even when referring to the physical colour of a race's skin (since the skin colours differ in subtle ways and white people are mostly actually pinkish and black people are actually brownish), is racist.

People also tend to refer to a whole race based on what some members of that race did or did not do. We will see two white people being racist and refer to all whites as racist or see two black people doing something wrong and say it's their whole race. We are usually not interested in the whole truth because by making another bad we tend to feel superior and our egos really like feeling superior. When a black man says "all white people are racist" he includes those whites who support or supported his cause and in the same way when a white man says "all black people are ..." he includes those black people who are good people in his statement.

To add more water to the delusional fire there are no pure races either black or white. So when you refer to a race you also refer to that part of the race in you and a very clever person once said that we tend to see that bad in another person that we feel in ourselves. Therefore fix your own stuff first and everybody else would be happy.

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