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Saturday, April 02, 2016

Ibogaine Prevents Withdrawal Symptoms in Heroine Addicts - Is this an Addiction Cure?

Recently my interest in working alternatives outside of the realm of profit-orientated pharmaceuticals was re-ignited. Ibogaine, derived from the roots of the Iboga plant has consistently proven very effective in treatment of people deep in the throws of mainly Heroine Addiction. Within the first hour after ingesting the substance people are rid of their withdrawal symptoms. What follows is a period where the patient goes on a hallucinogenic journey. By the end of the treatment, which can last days the addict is an addict no more.

The only down side to all this is that if the person does not change his/her surroundings and friends he/she may go back to using again. Ibogaine is not a cure on its own, but gets people ready for treatment. Therefore Ibogaine is the most important step in getting people ready for healing by means of group therapy, etc.

Professor Deborah Mash, PhD, is an American professor of neurology and molecular and cellular pharmacology at the University of Miami School of Medicine and director of the university's Brain Endowment Bank. She is one of the world's foremost scientific experts on Ibogaine. She is or had been conducting trials with the substance in the Caribbean because in the USA Ibogaine is illegal.

In South Africa a pharmacist Charles Rossouw treats people from his base in the Pretoria area.

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