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Sunday, April 17, 2016

The Scientific Assumption

I have great respect for Science. It has given us so many ways to improve our lives.

The problem I have is that if one wants to be purely scientific then the question also has to be asked if the reality we know is real. All scientific method is based on measurements made by "scientists" or technicians based on what they perceive to be real, but we must remember that in as far as relativity goes we are simply assuming that those who measure and the measuring devices they are using are accurate, based on an assumption that this reality is real and indeed the only reality out there. This is further complicated by the understanding that Quantum Mechanics is incredibly difficult to comprehend in a logical manner. How does one understand superposition and the collapse of the wave function?

Furthermore, simply the existence of the word "Paradox" should be an indication that the world and universe is not only understandeable in logical terms. There is another way to see things here and it is not logical and I suspect that it should not be logical.

The problem with figuring it all out is that the human ego and fear will enter into it and degrade it all to egotistical money-making exercises. Remember that just like in religion science also has its high priests who do things for the wrong reasons. When you assume scientists only want what is best for the world you are partly mistaken because they are human beings who make mistakes and they want money and the adoration of their peers just like most human beings.

It may sound like I am attacking science here, but I am not. Without science we would not have lights, MRI Machines, surgical breakthroughs, etc. We would also not have nuclear weapons, though. The point I am actually trying to make is that we should remember that with scientific method politics and money enters into it. Do not mistake pseudo science for real science and do not just rate science on the egos of great scientists because they may be wrong.

Do not assume science knows it all because it does not and probably never will and that is probably good for the human race. If we knew it all we would also stop searching and what would be the reason for living then?

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