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Saturday, January 28, 2017

EasyPhonia offers a way to speak to Deployed Soldiers anytime

This might help if you have deployed loved ones. EasyPhonia sounds like a great idea.

        Do you miss your significant other who is deployed? How would you like the idea of speaking to your soldier on military deployment right now? With EasyPhonia you can speak to him or her whenever you want and you can even see their faces by making an EasyPhonia video call. It’s that easy and we have not even touched on the chat and mailing service provided by EasyPhonia.

With over eleven thousand subscribers, EasyPhonia is a fast-growing telecommunications service that uses the best VoIP technology available today to put you in touch with your loved one on deployment. That gives you the ability to talk about anything with them over a clear phone line, right now. Visit us at for more information.

With the EasyPhonia app you can not only make voice- and video calls, but also send chat messages. Sometimes information is just better conveyed in written format and cheaper. It’s all part of the EasyPhonia package. Need to send an unpronounceable word or need to convey a thought more clearly? Just use the EasyPhonia chat.

With a smartphone, tablet or laptop, the EasyPhonia app and with the applicable calling card you will hear the familiar sound of your deployed soldier and see his/her face right away all over the world. The app is produced free by ZOIPER so you obviously pay nothing to download and install it. It’s completely free.

We know that your loved ones sometimes deploy to places with almost no infrastructure, but we already thought of that. To make it easier for you or them EasyPhonia can refill online so your talk time will never run out. No long periods of silence. You will always be able to stay in contact.

Do your children want to hear the voice of mommy or daddy for whatever reason? Open the applicable device and phone them right there and then. You will be making use of one of our datacenters in either Italy, USA or UK and within seconds you will be speaking live to your soldier. But wait, you can add to your cellphone a number with your local (US) area code so that even if you are in Iraq or wherever your calls will be at local rates. Yes, you pay local area code rates, even when you are abroad. How is that for service?

Soldiers sometimes deploy for long periods of time and it can be very difficult for them on occasion to be able to speak back home, especially if they are deployed in smaller units further away from the larger company or battalion bases. Now with EasyPhonia, that is no longer a problem. Thanks to the correct utilisation of technology available to us, decentralised deployments are no longer such a major concern. You can still speak to your man or woman in uniform.

In today’s fast-paced world families can be pulled apart due to lack of communication. Rest assured that as long as there are companies like EasyPhonia, families drifting apart is not a concern anymore, because you are a touch of a button away from your loved ones. Communication within a family unit is therefore not compromised and that equates to less stress.

Do the right thing and get Easyphonia. You can phone your significant other where they are deployed by simply phoning the number you are assigned by EasyPhonia. His or her voice is only a couple of rings away.