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Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Givers and Takers

The world is divided into givers and takers. Givers are people who understand that when you give from your heart you never run out of something to give, you never feel truely tired and you never feel empty. Takers are people who think that the emptiness they feel can be filled by the stuff or the energy they take from others ... eventually. Unfortunately the stuff and energy they take is never enough, and they are often exhausted and need things or drugs to perk them up.

You may say that getting stuff and/or money makes you feel good, but so does taking cocaine. That does not mean it's good for you. The question you should ask is if you are doing what you do from a place of emptiness or from a place of fulfillment.

Try to bring givers into your life and get rid of the takers.

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