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Sunday, January 15, 2017

Keep your religious beliefs to yourself

Life is better figured out from your perspective, because when you try to add the perspectives of others to your equation, it may not make sense anymore, even if it should. It also does not mean the other person is wrong, it simply means their perspective is different to yours.

When you try and convince other people your religious beliefs are the only ones that are accurate, you do not take into account that the beliefs of the other person has been shaped differently. You cannot possibly know what the other party has been through on their journey.

When you try and enforce your religious beliefs you turn out like the religious fanatics of the world like ISIS or right wing Christians. That leads to conflict and is caused because you probably do not understand your own religion yet, because all religions are about love.

The same could be said about Atheism. Keep your views to yourself because you can be a militant Atheist as well or at the very least a passive aggressive Atheist. These different belief systems are all part of the same problem when you try and enforce them on others or simply constantly verbally attack others

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