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Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Sukhoi SU-35 - Mean Machine

Not only is the Sukhoi Su-35 probably the most beautiful looking fighter aircraft in the world, but it is one mean machine as well with impressive performance.

The Flanker-E (NATO designation) is a single seat twin engine supermaneuverable multirole fighter. It was built to bridge the gap between legacy fighters and the fifth generation Sukhoi PAK FA.

It's primary air to air missiles include the R-37 with a range of 30km. The R-37 is a highly maneuverable heat seeking missile. The pilot can lock onto a target by simply looking at it. This gives him/her a significant advantage in a dogfight where he can lock on with ranges as low as 300m. The R-27 has a range of 130km and are radar homing. The R-77 is a fire and forget missile with a range of 80km. The R-37 has a range of up to 400km.

It can carry stores which include rockets and missiles and has a 30mm cannon.

Its thrust to weight ratio is 1.13 with 50% fuel, which means it can climb vertically. The F-22 for example has a thrust to weight ratio of 1.08 and the outdated F-15's is 1.07. All of these actually do worse against the Eurofighter Typhoon with a thrust to weight ratio of 1.15.

With the Su-35 performing this well one can only wonder how the new PAK FA will perform. While we wait for the PAK FA to enter service we can enjoy the sleek lines and superb performance of the Su-35 so long.