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Wednesday, January 18, 2017

The Effective Management of Nothing - For South African Bureaucrats

In order to manage nothing ensure one has aquired enough of nothing to begin with. Too little of nothing is not worth the effort and too much of nothing may lead to something. The last thing one needs is a little of something aquired from having too much of nothing. Now once one has enough of nothing one can do something like filing nothing in a file entitled "Managing Nothing." One should ensure that one has placed nothing inside a container marked "My Nothing" first. It would not help if one had a file pertaining to nothing, but had no nothing to actually show for one's efforts. Now once one has aquired nothing and filed it under nothing one can do things like looking at it daily so as to ensure that one still has nothing and that it did not change into something. If for some reason one finds that one suddenly has something or even worse, no nothing, one should try to engage in an activity or engage in nothing so as to aquire more nothing. Once one has learned to manage nothing effectively one may suddenly find one has absolutely nothing. Once one has absolutely nothing one may rest assured that one will never have something, anything or everything.

The truely effective managers of nothing have the ability to promote nothing in such a way that many people will sponsor nothing based on absolutely no proof that nothing exists or that nothing is managed affectively. The reason for this it seems is that everybody wants something and in order to get something they need to act like the managers of nothing are managing nothig effectively. The absence of actual effective management of nothing is not something the people are really interested in. As long as nothing is managed they believe that everything is alright. Nothing irritates sponsors of nothing as much as when managers of something or -everything try to put down the managers of nothing as actually managing nothing and not not managing nothing effectively.

Thus it is of extreme importance that our future managers of nothing read this so as to ensure that they manage nothing effectively and not fall into the pitfalls of managing something or everything. Remember, nothing means as much as having effectively managed nothing to show for one's efforts.

This memo was written for absolutely no reason by absolutely nobody and has nothing to do with anything, something or everything, but has definately something to do with nothing.

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