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Friday, February 10, 2017

Effective Conflict Resolution

The Arbinger Institute has been around for a while now. This world leading conflict resolution company was founded by C. Terry Warner PhD in the 1970's to help heal the world, based on what he learned when doing his PhD at Yale.

On the front page of Arbinger's website it states breakthrough results are only possible through a change in mindset we change mindset. And changing mindset is what they do to such an extent that conflict resolution is within grasp for their well-trained facilitators.

The premise of their conflict resolution method is based on a very simple concept:

When people discriminate it is because they are fulfilling a need. That need is to justify their feelings about another person or group of people.

When anybody sits down and systematically evaluates his/her feelings about another they find most of their fears are ungrounded. Once you have decided how to see others your set in place a method of checks and balances to meet your justifications. You are not evaluating others, you are trying to find as many square pieces to fit your square puzzle and you ignore other shapes.

What has happened is that you have placed yourself in a box as soon as you seek justification for your ideas about another. At Arbinger they talk about "getting out of the box". This is attained by cultivating an Outward Mindest.

The Arbinger Pyramid of Influence above is a broad indication of the steps to be followed. Cultivating an Outward Mindset means you have to decide to get out of the box first and then you have to start seeing others as human beings and not as objects, which is what lead to your inward mindset in the first place. Following these steps should lead to effective conflict resolution in all facets of life.

The Arbinger Institute has published three books. These are Leadership and Self-deception, The Anatomy of Peace and the latest offering is The Outward Mindset. The latest book offers practical ways to cultivate this outward mindset. I should mention that their methods have been effective in many spheres of life and that includes even resolving conflict between Palestinians and Israelis. More about this is available on their site.

Conflict resolution in as far as we have been practicing it has never been fully effective. Here the Arbinger team are changing things effectively and easily. Maybe we should start utilising these methods. This book is a life changer.


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