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Friday, February 10, 2017

How Telkom treats its customers like the heartless monopoly it is

The way Telkom makes me wait for the installation of my new line is unacceptable. Six weeks later and I have to wait another two weeks now.

So, we moved into a new house and on 3 January I went to Telkom Potchefstroom and asked for a line installation. The person who helped me was very helpful and after ordering the line I received a confirmation SMS.

On 6 January I receive an SMS that my installation is scheduled for 18 January.

On 16 January I receive an SMS that my installation has been re-scheduled for 9 February, three and a half weeks later! No explanation is given so I phone Telkom and after hanging on for twelve minutes the person who helps me informs me that Telkom has a backlog and that is why this has happened. I have no choice but to accept this. Three and a half weeks more of buying cellphone data.

I had also taken leave for 18 January and am unable to cancel it because I have scheduled a garden service to come and give me a quotation on the same day.

I go back to work and ask my employer for leave again on 9 February 2017. Yesterday was 9 February. I waited at my house the whole day and nothing had happened by 15:30 at which time I phone Telkom and the lady I speak to phones the technician called Andries and assures me he will reach my place that same day and by about 16:30.

At 16:55 I receive an SMS that a technician had been dispatched. At 17:08 I receive the same SMS. By 18:10 nobody had yet arrived. For the first time I am able to leave the house to go and buy food without fearing the technician showing up while I am gone. I have given up on the technician arriving.

This morning 10 February at 07:28 I receive an SMS that my installation is scheduled for 28 February. Two and a half weeks later!

What I do not understand is how I went from being informed that a technician had been dispatched to having to wait another eighteen days!? I am unable to take leave again as well, so what must I do to get a simple Telkom line!? Will they even arrive on 28 February!?

Telkom must find a way to communicate effectively with its customers and to not blatantly lie to them!