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Wednesday, March 29, 2017

South Africans must concentrate on the Center and avoid Loser Politicians

In South Africa we roughly have three groupings. Those on the far right, those on the far left and the majority who are in the center and want a country that works or who are simply neutral.

Not the far right or -left provide any kind of realistically good future for South Africa because equality and equity is missing from their basic philosophies. Their confused way of looking at things will end in disaster eventually or simply go nowhere.

We as South Africans should also have thicker skins and stop taking the losers who claim to be leaders seriously. Let their ideas of what is right and wrong simply roll off your backs like water off the back of a duck. Remember, many of those so-called leaders are simply in it for the money and power.

South Africans must learn to distinguish between leaders with a loser mentality of taking and start to recognise the leaders with a giving mentality. Loser politicians rack up R1 million hotel bills or R1 million takeaway bills at Steers or KFC. Winner mentalities try to save money wherever they go.

Be careful of the men and women who wear ridiculously expensive clothing and jewelery. They are mostly part of the problem. Recognise the true leaders who go out of their way to create a society free and fair for all South Africans no matter colour or creed.

We should also try to recognise everyday South Africans who are unfortunately influenced by loser politicians. These people are not bad, they are simply influenced by a smooth-talking suit. Try to forgive them because they know not what they are doing.

Do not place other South Africans in a box from where you can judge them. This is typical of loser politicians. Once you place somebody in a box you judge them according to your pre-decided ideas and look for justification why you are right. You do not see them as people.

South Africans need to understand that in the end it is all about love and seeing individuals for who they are, accepting them for their mistakes just like you accept your loved ones for their mistakes.

When you cannot love you have a incorrectly programmed mind. The problem lies with you and if you think the problem lies with others remember that you are seeing them in the box you and others have created for them.

Wednesday, March 15, 2017

The SANDF Today

A little something I put together. I hope you enjoy it.