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Friday, January 17, 2020

South Africans are losing hope, but hope is never lost

A sorry state of affairs exists in my country, but it is part of a natural cycle of renewal. One day South Africa will be a great country, but after that, there will be another period like this.

Most South Africans have lost hope. It is a quarter of a century after the fall of Apartheid and the government is managed by people who do not seem to realise where this country is in terms of economic growth. They either don't care or don't have the ability to turn things around.

We now live in a country where local government officials drive luxury cars on the same crumbling roads they were supposed to maintain. Where large swaths of this beautiful country is constantly without basic services like water and electricity and the poorest of the poor suffer the most.

We now live in a country where law enforcement officials think taking bribes is normal and further erode the confidence in South Africa, chasing away foreign investment and tourists, but they were taught by their so-called leaders.

We have some of the highest tax rates in the world for a capitalist country, yet we have a situation where millions of people go to bed hungry and where almost a quarter of the people are without work. To make things worse, a lot of this money is mismanaged or stolen.

Most of our leaders do not lead, but rather seek self-enrichment by any means possible. Where a large portion of those people who still pay taxes are treated like garbage and are leaving the country, taking their know-how and money-making skills with them.

Where the poorest South Africans are being taught that wealth is something that can be given to them, but every significant wealth creation book in the history of the world tells us that wealth is created by the way we think about money. Give somebody who is poor money or land and they will lose everything if they do not realise how to make those riches work for them to make them more wealthy.

We live in a country where billions of rands are mismanaged or stolen annually. Where tourists are attacked, raped and robbed. They will never come back here and they are taking their money with them.

Where we are more concerned with idiotic racial identity than making a success of this country and our "leaders" keep pushing for more division rather than unity. During the harshest times we will have the worst leaders. Good leaders immediately give you real hope. Bad ones give you false hope.

Where we also use racial identity as an excuse, but where black Africans treat their own race poorly and where a large segment of white people are either fully racist or severely prejudiced. We as South Africans seem to think two wrongs will make a right. We seem to think we can make things better by attacking others or treating them badly. Sigmund Freud famously said "only the tortured become torturers". Violence and abuse helps nobody.

We now live in a country where nobody is learning or has learned anything from history partly because our education system is severely neglected. This, in turn, ensures that ignorant South Africans are lead by self-serving politicians who ride waves of populism given impetus by decades of racism and abuse. Those who want to heal this nation are ignored or silenced by those who are trying to make or steal enough so that they can in turn abuse others.

We live in beautiful South Africa where the wolves are leading the sheep and everything taught by the greatest people in the history of this country from Madiba to Desmond Tutu (people who will be remembered for eternity) is being ignored. Healing has therefore given way to constant picking at the sores of our collective hurt.

We live in a country where most people claim to subscribe to Christianity but prefer to totally ignore the most important elements, namely love, forgiveness or tolerance. Where some of the biggest racists sit in church on Sundays but hear what they want to because the brainwashing is still strong in them.

We still live in a country where the ideals of those who fought for our freedom are now meaningless. Where the Freedom Charter, which ensconced the most important principles for building our beloved South Africa is being ignored. Principles that have the power to heal and unite this country.

We live in a country where figures in terms of matric pass rates are unashamedly manhandled until they resemble what we want them to be, but where they are not representative of the true state of affairs. Where those who make policy rather lower standards instead of actively improving education and teachers.

We live in a country where people have lost hope, but hope is never lost.

The Kolisi Family
Although the situation seems to be becoming untenable there is always hope, and there is a good old saying "Cometh the hour cometh the man" (or woman). South Africans may find themselves being lead by a true leader when they are ready to make positive changes. That leader already exists, probably.

I am leaving for now, not because I have lost hope, but because I know our healing will take some time still. The thing about healing is that when one is sick you have a temperature, but the increased body temperature is part of the body's way to kill off bad organisms.

South Africa is now ill, but out of this illness health will emerge, because the fact that we are losing hope is an indication that we know there is a lot better for us. People cannot become hopeless unless they first had hope.

Out of the ashes, the Phoenix will rise again as mythology says as has happened with so many other nations and countries. When things are at their worst South Africa will rise again and we will stay there for centuries because when we are at our worst place we will never want to be there again.

The USA is now entering a downward turn as its founding values give way to exploitation. They emerged out of obscurity just like the Roman Empire and the Greek Empire and so many others. All the great empires came to a fall. It is all part of a natural cycle.

Let us also remember that the world seems to be entering a period of hopelessness and like in South Africa those most disenfranchised are the most vulnerable. When we apply real values of importance and those people start to rise out of obscurity we will become a prosperous country again.

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