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Thursday, April 21, 2016

What is the Apocalypse?

What is the Apocalypse?

We are treated to stories of an inevitable ending of the world at some stage. If one takes into account that our Sun must one day burn out then we know the planet will end in terms of providing life support for us, but we have no way of knowing if we will even be here then. There is also the possibility of the world ending due to nuclear holocaust or a meteor strike or something, but we simply do not know.

Wikipedia says:

An apocalypse (Ancient Greek: ἀποκάλυψις apokálypsis, from ἀπό and καλύπτω meaning "uncovering"), translated literally from Greek, is a disclosure of knowledge, i.e., a lifting of the veil or revelation. In religious contexts it is usually a disclosure of something hidden, “a vision of heavenly secrets that can make sense of earthly realities".

When one speaks to people who were involved in major tragedy or life changing event they often say that it felt like the world was ending. I am talking about people who were in major hurricanes, earthquakes, tsunamis, tornadoes, etc. The tale of the great flood with Noah also refers to the world being flooded, but archaeological evidence would suggest the whole world was never under water during that period. Our idea of the world comes down to the situation we are in. All our "end times" seem to be more compartmentalised within communities or personal like New Orleans during Hurricane Katrina or the people who committed mass suicide at Jonestown. Their apocalypses arrived - if an apocalypse suggests the ending of life.

Spiritual Awakening.

An Apocalypse is rather a spiritual awakening or a life changing moment, that "lifts the veil" on something in our lives or about the universe in general. One often finds people who changed their lives after having such tragedies striking them.

There is no Death

The concept of death also does not exist within our universe as the law of the conservation of energy would point out. People who have had Near Death Experiences (NDE's) all tend to come back and tell us that there is not nothing after we die. If one takes into account that about 5% of the population on this planet have had an NDE then approximately 350 million people have had an NDE. 350 Million people have had a near death experience. 350 Million people can attest to the fact that life does not end after "death". Therefore death is not really an Apocalypse in the traditional negative understanding of the word.

An Apocalypse is simply the ending of one thing and the start of another - and is probably a spiritual awakening of sorts.

Sunday, April 17, 2016

The Scientific Assumption

I have great respect for Science. It has given us so many ways to improve our lives.

The problem I have is that if one wants to be purely scientific then the question also has to be asked if the reality we know is real. All scientific method is based on measurements made by "scientists" or technicians based on what they perceive to be real, but we must remember that in as far as relativity goes we are simply assuming that those who measure and the measuring devices they are using are accurate, based on an assumption that this reality is real and indeed the only reality out there. This is further complicated by the understanding that Quantum Mechanics is incredibly difficult to comprehend in a logical manner. How does one understand superposition and the collapse of the wave function?

Furthermore, simply the existence of the word "Paradox" should be an indication that the world and universe is not only understandeable in logical terms. There is another way to see things here and it is not logical and I suspect that it should not be logical.

The problem with figuring it all out is that the human ego and fear will enter into it and degrade it all to egotistical money-making exercises. Remember that just like in religion science also has its high priests who do things for the wrong reasons. When you assume scientists only want what is best for the world you are partly mistaken because they are human beings who make mistakes and they want money and the adoration of their peers just like most human beings.

It may sound like I am attacking science here, but I am not. Without science we would not have lights, MRI Machines, surgical breakthroughs, etc. We would also not have nuclear weapons, though. The point I am actually trying to make is that we should remember that with scientific method politics and money enters into it. Do not mistake pseudo science for real science and do not just rate science on the egos of great scientists because they may be wrong.

Do not assume science knows it all because it does not and probably never will and that is probably good for the human race. If we knew it all we would also stop searching and what would be the reason for living then?

Thursday, April 07, 2016

Why are Illegal Drugs Illegal in the First Place?

Why is Heroin Illegal? Obviously we all know the answer. It's bad for you - very bad. But then why is Morphine and Oxycontin not illegal? All of these are highly addictive, yet only Heroin is banned, which does not solve the problem anyway since Heroin is available for anybody who wants to use - at a much higher cost than if it were legal.

Look at the pie chart above and you will see where our problem lies. It lies with prescription drugs. The World Health Organisation estimates that in the US approximately 100 000 people die of prescription drugs every year and about two million are permanently negatively affected or by using these drugs, while only about 15 000 die of illegal drugs every year. Why are illegal drugs illegal then?

What makes this even more astonishing is that illegal drugs with potential to heal people of major psychological problems or give them necessary spiritual insights are also banned. Why are these banned?

LSD - Ability to help people drop addictions like alcoholism and can help with treating anxiety.
MDMA (Ecstasy) -  Can help people get rid of PTSD and treat anxiety.
Psilocybin (Magic Mushrooms) - OCD, PTSD and anxiety.
Marijuana - Helps relieve pain and nausea, especially with cancer patients. Helps with epilepsy and a host of other disorders.
Ibogaine - Cures people of Heroin and drug Addiction.
Ayahuasca - Many healing properties such as helping to cure addiction and helping people connect with the spiritual side of the universe.

One may say that these drugs could be harmful, but so are prescription drugs, but we still use them. Strangely enough a medicine like Ayahuasca, which is terrible tasting and makes one purge is also illegal. Why would anybody want to abuse it? People use drugs illegally to have a good time, but with Ayahuasca very often one does not have such a great time - with exceptions.

The idea is created that there is another motive here. We take a lot of our direction from the US FDA. When the US FDA approves a drug it is accepted as safe, but the FDA loves money. When people love money they invariably have a very high chance of doing things for the wrong reason and for political reasons. The Pharmaceutical Companies make billions of dollars each year from pushing drugs. If they cannot make money off it they will not ask the FDA to research it and to research the new drug by means of clinical trials costs a lot of money.

Therefore we are probably stuck in this position because of our love of money. It is not about the health of people, it's about making money. The question you must ask yourself is, is this the world I want to live in?

Saturday, April 02, 2016

Ibogaine Prevents Withdrawal Symptoms in Heroine Addicts - Is this an Addiction Cure?

Recently my interest in working alternatives outside of the realm of profit-orientated pharmaceuticals was re-ignited. Ibogaine, derived from the roots of the Iboga plant has consistently proven very effective in treatment of people deep in the throws of mainly Heroine Addiction. Within the first hour after ingesting the substance people are rid of their withdrawal symptoms. What follows is a period where the patient goes on a hallucinogenic journey. By the end of the treatment, which can last days the addict is an addict no more.

The only down side to all this is that if the person does not change his/her surroundings and friends he/she may go back to using again. Ibogaine is not a cure on its own, but gets people ready for treatment. Therefore Ibogaine is the most important step in getting people ready for healing by means of group therapy, etc.

Professor Deborah Mash, PhD, is an American professor of neurology and molecular and cellular pharmacology at the University of Miami School of Medicine and director of the university's Brain Endowment Bank. She is one of the world's foremost scientific experts on Ibogaine. She is or had been conducting trials with the substance in the Caribbean because in the USA Ibogaine is illegal.

In South Africa a pharmacist Charles Rossouw treats people from his base in the Pretoria area.

Russian Officer brings in Air Strike on own position to kill ISIL Murderers at Palmyra

Details about this are kind of sketchy, but it seems like, based on various sources that the man pictured above brought in an air strike right on his position when ISIL Murderers were about to overrun him. Denis Tukhmanov was in position to bring in an air strike on ISIL positions when he was spotted and attacked. As they were about to overrun him he asked higher Command to bring in the air strike on his position killing him and many ISIL Murderers.

Let's salute a hero because that is what he is.

Monday, February 29, 2016

Armed Forces Week 2016 in Port Elizabeth

Selected photos from the recent SANDF Armed Forces Week held in Port Elizabeth. Thank you to for the photos.

My Take on LGBT People

It's none of my business who other people choose to love and what they do in their bedrooms.

Thursday, February 25, 2016

Can the drug Ecstasy (MDMA) cure Soldiers with PTSD?

This article by Jessica Winter appeared on on 15 February 2011.

Can a single pill save your life?

The following site is dedicated to the subject:

It would seem the jury is coming in on this one. Treating people with PTSD seems like a very effective and workable solution with high success rates in clinical trials.

One of the problems with PTSD sufferers is that they do not want to enter the space where their worst fear or traumatic experience lies within their minds. MDMA allows them to go there and to basically destroy the dragons there. The result is healing with varying results in different people, but is probably out performs anything else modern medicine brings to the table.

I for one would volunteer for this kind of treatment and if not legal here I will go where it is legal. PTSD does not just destroy the life of the patient, but also severely affects the lives of those close to him/her, like family.

I think we are what we think about. When we allow other people to change our opinion of ourselves other people control us and for the human ego that is the ultimate drug - control. 

Monday, February 22, 2016

The "White People" vs "Black People" Delusion

Recently in South Africa the term "White People" has been thrown around a lot, usually in a very negative context. Sometimes the term "Black People" is thrown around the same way in this country. When one uses the term "White People" or "Black People" in any way, even in a positive context one is being racist either to the other race or by referring to one's own race in a positive way you are being racist in excluding the other race from your praise. Therefore simply using the term, even when referring to the physical colour of a race's skin (since the skin colours differ in subtle ways and white people are mostly actually pinkish and black people are actually brownish), is racist.

People also tend to refer to a whole race based on what some members of that race did or did not do. We will see two white people being racist and refer to all whites as racist or see two black people doing something wrong and say it's their whole race. We are usually not interested in the whole truth because by making another bad we tend to feel superior and our egos really like feeling superior. When a black man says "all white people are racist" he includes those whites who support or supported his cause and in the same way when a white man says "all black people are ..." he includes those black people who are good people in his statement.

To add more water to the delusional fire there are no pure races either black or white. So when you refer to a race you also refer to that part of the race in you and a very clever person once said that we tend to see that bad in another person that we feel in ourselves. Therefore fix your own stuff first and everybody else would be happy.

Sunday, February 21, 2016

Proteas Women beat England for the first time

Cape Town - An excellent batting performance saw the Proteas make history when they beat England by 17 runs in the second women’s T20 international at Newlands on Friday.

The televised match, which suffered two rain delays, saw the hosts secure a win via the Duckworth/Lewis method to level the series one-all.

The decider, which will take place at the Wanderers on Sunday, will also be a televised double-header with their male counterparts.

England posted a hefty 156/6 after they were put in to bat by the hosts. Skipper, Charlotte Edwards got the innings off to a flyer after losing Tammy Beaumont for one. She was eventually defeated by a good ball by Suné Luus (2/26) for 34 in the ninth over. Sarah Taylor was once again the star for England with the bat. She hit 66 runs from 52 balls and shared a 63-run, fourth-wicket partnership with Heather Knight (29) to give their side a firm grip on the innings.

South Africa’s batting response started with a 30-run opening stand between Dané van Niekerk and Trisha Chetty, before the latter was run out for eight in the fourth over. Van Niekerk played a Player of the Match innings, scoring 63 from just 43 balls, including seven fours and two sixes to give her side a winning foundation.

The match was twice delayed by rain, but at both points, the hosts were comfortably ahead of the Duckworth/Lewis par score. The second disruption saw an end to the match, giving the hosts a confidence-boosting victory to see them into Sunday’s series decider.

Captain, Mignon du Preez was delighted to beat England and level the series.

“We haven’t beaten England in a T20 before, so to do that today at Newlands was really special,” she said.
“We got really close yesterday, but we let the game slip out of our hands.

“We weren’t too worried when they got to 156 because we knew that Dané would set up the match for us. We knew that if we allowed her to play her natural game and score freely that we would get there in the end.”

Du Preez contributed an impressive knock herself, returning unbeaten for 47 off 41 balls to help steer her side towards victory. Her 46-run partnership for the third wicket with Marizanne Kapp (21) was the difference between the sides.

“I think everyone chipped in to this win, which is what makes this match really special,” du Preez continued. “There’s always something that can be done better next time or a lesson to be learned and we will make sure we are in top form on Sunday in Johannesburg.

“We are really keen on giving England a run for their money and hopefully secure a series win in front of another home crowd.”

Thank you to News 24.

Saturday, February 20, 2016

The Banting Lifestyle - The last diet you will ever need

On 26 October 2015 I started the Banting Diet with my fiance. At that stage I weighed 105kg. By 17 December I weighed 94.7kg. I lost almost 10kg in just under two months!

I currently weigh 91.7kg, but am maintaining the weight for months now by adapting the diet. We do not banting the whole week, only on Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays. For the rest of the week we eat what we want. This adapted programme is probably not recommended, but it works for us. Now we can maintain weight and eat what we want.

I would recommend this diet without hesitation. The basics of the Banting Diet is summed up as follows:

Eat enough animal fat. This is central to Banting. Animal fat DOES NOT make you fat, and you need to eat it. Small amounts at a time make you feel full and stop you from overeating.

Eat enough vegetables. Vegetables should be your bulk-food and this means that you must try to have veggies with every meal. Green vegetables are the best – low in carbs and full of nutrients. There are a great many different vegetables on the Green list. Make sure that you have variety in your diet.

Don't snack. For the first week or so of Banting, that is, when you are going carb-cold-turkey, you may need to snack periodically, if only to keep your sanity. Make sure that you have Banting-friendly snacks at hand; we have just the recipes to curb those munchies in our Beginner Banting Online Program. Remember it is essential to have a good breakfast to set you up for the day. If you aren't losing the hunger pangs, increase the animal fat in your diet.

Don't lie to yourself. Eating carbs that are perceived to be proteins, like legumes, baked beans, peanuts and quinoa, will undermine your Banting attempts. Pay attention to the Red list – the forbidden foods. Quite simply, a red-listed item is either toxic or will cause weight gain. Foods on the Orange list must be eaten in moderation, with careful attention to quantity and carb content. We understand how time consuming counting carbs can be – so, we have made it easy for you by developing tools specifically for this task, our meal tracker and carb counter will help you Bant with ease.

Don't over- or under-eat. New Banters get nervous about the idea of not snacking and tend to go overboard at mealtimes. Don't worry about this. As long as there is enough fat in your diet, you will soon, without effort, be eating moderately-sized meals that will carry you through to the next meal. Never force food down your throat. When you are full, stop eating! If you don't feel like lunch, don't have it.

Don't eat too much protein. We cannot stress this enough. Banting is NOT high-protein eating. No more than 80 to 90 g of meat or fish is what you should be eating with any meal. [But don't be over-fastidious, to the extent that you feel deprived. If, on occasion, you eat at a steakhouse, choose the smaller option on the menu and don't fret. What is more, it is quite unnecessary to chop the pointy bit off the chicken breast!] Remember, the main thrust of banting is to cut the carbs from one's diet and increase your fat intake. The consumption of proteins should be unaffected or even reduced.

Be alert! Many ostensibly 'healthy' products and ready-made meals are full of carbs. Before you buy something, check the label. Five grams of carbs is the cut-off. If the carb content is higher, don't buy it. Also, avoid any product that professes to be 'low-fat'. The chances are that it will be loaded with carbs to compensate for the inevitable loss of flavour. When you start scrutinising product labels you will realise why it has in the past been so hard to lose weight. In the Beginner Banting Online Program, Jonno helps you decipher food labels – one of his top tips is, “If you couldn’t have made it at home, probably stay away!”

Avoid too many fruits and nuts. Fruit is full of natural fructose (the substance that makes it sweet). Fructose is perceived to be 'good sugar' but for a Banter there is no such thing. Sugar is sugar regardless of its perceived 'goodness' and, while natural sugar is far preferable to refined sugar, its consumption needs to be strictly controlled. Of all the fruits, berries are best but even berries need to be restricted in some cases. The nuts on the Green list are low in carbs and great snack foods, but you must not go overboard. Nuts may cause weight gain in some individuals, especially women, so must be restricted to an occasional small handful. Macadamias are best as they are loaded with healthy fat and almonds are packed with fibre and goodness. Always choose raw nuts in preference to commercial roasted nuts, as natural is always better.

Control your dairy. Although dairy is good for you, it does contain carbs and can be a stumbling block for some people. When you start Banting, avoid eating too much dairy. In other words, limit your cheese intake as much as possible, use whole milk and double cream yoghurt instead of low fat choices and have cream in your coffee. Butter is always good.

Be strong!